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Charter Bus Service In Atlanta

Charter Bus Service Atlanta

Charter bus service atlantic by EarthTran Global Limousine is a transportation company based out of Atlanta Georgia. We provide charter bus services to many cities throughout the United States. Our buses are clean, safe, comfortable, and affordable. We offer private charters, group tours, school field trips, corporate travel, and much more!
2. Charter Bus Services
We specialize in providing charter bus services to groups of people who want to get together and have fun while they’re traveling. Whether you need to take a group of friends to a concert, attend a wedding, go to a sporting event, or just hang out with your friends, we can help make your trip memorable.
3. Charter Bus Rental
Our charter bus rental services allow you to rent our buses for any occasion. You can rent our buses for weddings, proms, graduations, birthday parties, reunions, sports events, concerts, festivals, family vacations, and more.
4. Group Tours
If you are looking for a way to bring your employees together for a team building experience, then look no further than charter bus service atlanta. We offer group tours to places like Disney World, Universal Studios, Six Flags Over Texas, SeaWorld, and many others.
5. Corporate Travel
Do you work for a big corporation? Do you need to transport your employees to meetings or conferences? If so, then charter bus service atlantic can help you out. We offer corporate travel packages that include limousine rides, hotel stays, catering, and even entertainment.
6. School Field Trips
Are you planning a field trip for your students? Are you looking for a way to give them a unique educational experience? Then charter bus service atlantica can help you out. Our charter buses are perfect for transporting kids to and from their favorite activities.
7. Private Charters
Want to spend some time alone with your significant other? Or maybe you want to take a romantic weekend away from it all. Whatever the case may be, charter bus service atlantamca can help you plan a private charter.

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Wedding Shuttle Service

Wedding shuttle buses are a great way to transport guests to and from the wedding venue. These vehicles are often rented out by the hour or day depending on how many people are attending the event. If you have a big group of friends or family members who need to travel together, then renting a wedding shuttle bus service is a good option. You can choose between a luxury wedding shuttle bus or a standard wedding shuttle bus. Luxury wedding shuttles are usually larger than standard wedding shuttles. They offer more leg room and seating options. Standard wedding shuttles are smaller and offer less space.

We service Atlanta and its vicinity
2. When choosing a wedding shuttle bus company, make sure they provide a variety of services. Most companies offer transportation services, catering services, and even limousine services. Make sure you know what each service includes before signing any contracts.
3. Before booking a wedding shuttle bus, check if the company offers discounts for groups. Many companies offer discounts for groups of 10 or more people. If you book a shuttle bus for 20 people, you may get a discount.
4. When booking a wedding shuttle bus service, consider the type of vehicle you want. Do you want a luxury wedding shuttle bus? Or do you prefer a standard wedding shuttle bus? Each type of vehicle has its own advantages and disadvantages. A luxury wedding shuttle bus is much nicer and comfortable than a standard wedding shuttle bus, but it is also more expensive. A standard wedding shuttle bus is cheaper than a luxury wedding shuttle bus, but you won’t have as much comfort.
5. Consider the length of time you plan on using the wedding shuttle bus. How long will you use the wedding shuttle bus? Will you only need it for the ceremony and reception? Or will you need it for both events? If you need the wedding shuttle bus for both events, you’ll probably need two separate shuttle buses.
6. Check if the wedding shuttle bus company provides insurance coverage. If you rent a wedding shuttle bus, you should always have insurance coverage. This way, if anything happens while you’re driving around town, you’ll be covered.

What to Ask

7. Ask about the cancellation policy. What happens if you cancel the wedding shuttle bus reservation? Can you reschedule the date without penalty? If you don’t pay for the wedding shuttle bus rental, you could lose money.
8. Find out if the wedding shuttle bus driver is insured. If the wedding shuttle bus driver isn’t insured, he or she could cause damage to your vehicle.
9. Ask if the wedding shuttle bus drivers are licensed. Licensed drivers are trained and certified to drive a wedding shuttle bus safely.
10. Ask if the wedding shuttles are equipped with GPS systems. GPS systems help you find your destination easily.
11. Ask if the Charter bus company offers 24-hour customer service. If you ever have questions or concerns, you can call the company’s customer service department at any time.
12. Ask if the wedding buses are equipped with air conditioning. Air conditioning helps keep passengers cool during hot summer days.
13. Ask if the wedding busses have wheelchair accessible ramps. Wheelchair accessible ramps allow those with disabilities to board and exit the wedding shuttle bus.
14. Ask if the wedding shute bus company offers free Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi means you can access the internet while riding in the Charter shuttle bus. This is helpful if you need to send emails or post pictures online.


    1. How many passengers can a bus carry?

                  We do have the following bus types : A 23 Executive passenger bus, 27 Executive Passenger bus, 32 Passenger bus, 40 passenger bus, and

                   a 56 passenger bus.


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