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Chauffeur Meeting Procedure for Car Service from Atlanta Airport

Chauffeur Meeting Procedure for Car Service from ATL

Chauffeur Services at ATL Airport

The whole process has been designed to be as efficient as possible while still providing the necessary first-class service. For example, when the time comes to pick up the guest from the airport, as soon as the guest’s plane touches down, a notification will be sent to the Chauffeur via our flight tracking system to ensure they are ready and waiting at the designated pickup area. EarthTran Global Limousine has two options for chauffeur services at ATL Airport: Meet and Greet service or Curbside pickup. The Meet and Greet option allows the chauffeur to greet the client inside the airport terminal, assist with luggage, and escort them to the vehicle. This provides a personalized and seamless experience for the client. In addition, this service is recommended for first-time travelers to Atlanta Airport.

On the other hand, the Curbside pickup option allows the guest to be picked up at the lower level, either at the South or North terminal Doorways LS2 for Delta and LN2 for all other airlines. This option is convenient for those who prefer to avoid the crowds inside the terminal. Additionally, the curbside pickup option provides a more personalized experience for guests arriving at ATL Airport. Both options ensure a smooth and efficient transportation experience for our guests. This level of coordination and attention to detail sets our Chauffeur services at ATL Airport apart from the competition.

EarthTran Global Limousine Airport Car Service is an excellent service often used by business guests and corporations. Most of the time, they are picked up by a chauffeur from inside the airport and taken to their destination. These arriving guests do not have to search for their cars or look for a waiting taxi. Upon arrival at the airport, a chauffeur will meet the guests, help with their luggage, and take them to their car parked in a designated Limousine Parking area. This efficient and convenient service ensures a smooth and stress-free experience for travelers. The chauffeur will wait at the designated meeting point with a sign displaying the passenger’s name. Upon arrival, a uniformed chauffeur will be at the Limousine Chauffeur waiting area close to the baggage claim area. The chauffeur will assist the passengers with their luggage and escort them to the waiting vehicle. The vehicle will be a luxurious sedan or SUV, depending on the passenger’s preference. The chauffeur will then drive the passengers to their destination safely and efficiently, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant greet the guests, assist them with their luggage, and take them to the parking area and car.

Pre-arrival communication and Coordination

Provide clear instructions on where to meet to ensure the passenger is ready for travel; the chauffeur must notify them when they arrive at the gate. The chauffeur will contact the passenger for Curb-side pickup to confirm their location. This helps to streamline the pick-up process and avoid any delays. Additionally, the chauffeur will provide clear instructions on where to meet them and what vehicle to look out for. Effective communication is critical to a successful chauffeur meeting procedure for car service at Atlanta Airport. All This helps streamline the process and ensures a smooth transition to the vehicle. For curbside pickup, the chauffeur cannot leave their car unattended. The chauffeur will be ready to meet the passengers at the lower level from the baggage claim. Also, passengers should understand that the driver is not allowed to park or circle airport exits, so they must move quickly from the pickup location to the curbside to meet their driver.

Coordinate Arrival Time

Chauffeurs may be required to call the passenger to ensure a timely pick-up. If you cannot contact your driver, please DO NOT leave the airport or get into another car but instead call our 24/7 dispatch at 1-800-967-6311; any agent will be happy to connect you to your driver.

Pre-Arrival Communication

Before arriving at the terminal, chauffeurs must send a courtesy SMS to the passenger’s number, if available. The SMS content should advise the following: the name of the vehicle’s driver, the make/model/color, and any further special instructions or directions needed to help the passenger locate the driver.

Chauffeur Meeting Point and Signage at ATL Airport

There is no single gigantic parking lot at the Atlanta airport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has designated specific areas for chauffeur meeting points and signage. The Airport serves three terminal buildings that are not connected by a common airside. This peculiarity complicates the car service procedure for the drivers and passengers. ATL airport only uses a terminal to coordinate the driver and passenger for a curbside pickup. The World’s busiest airport also uses two terminals to meet and greet customers. First-class chauffeur companies use a limo parking lot near ATL to pick up and drop off their clients at the terminal.

Our company provides a Curbside pickup for free. We can provide a Meet and Greet Service for an extra charge. Rideshare companies, including the largest one, Uber, cannot provide curbside pick-up because waiting time in the world’s busiest airport parking lot is too expensive. Our Car Service provides the most convenient pickup at Atlanta Airport. Uber’s car service, once considered cheap, has been replaced by taxicabs after a surge.

Each car service company’s procedure for sending passengers to the car at ATL Airport can be different. We have developed this guide to help our customers understand how to meet with a driver at the world’s busiest airport. There are two ways to meet with a chauffeur at Atlanta airport. First, our firm can provide curbside pickup. The second way to obtain a first-class chauffeur service is to use a meet-and-greet service.

Post-Service Feedback and Follow-up

Post-service feedback and follow-up – The chauffeur dispatcher’s primary responsibility is to keep in constant contact with the client to maintain the level of service at a premium. If a client has a comment, positive or negative, the dispatcher will take note and communicate with either the chauffeur or EarthTran Global Limousine management regarding the proposed resolution. EarthTran Global Limousine Manager will then follow up with the complainant’s feedback. It is essential to acknowledge all comments and resolve valid complaints, including offering a fare credit or a letter of apology signed by EarthTran Global Limousine management. All clients receiving special attention, such as significant company owners, executives, and executive assistants, should be contacted via cell phone or email to express gratitude and inform them that GTLC highly values their patronage.