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Atlanta Airport Transportation Services

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Atlanta Airport Transportation Services

We are fully aware of the situation at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport with regard to heightened security levels and stricter check-in and drop-off regulations. It seems as if all passengers, no matter whether they are flying Delta Airlines or Lufthansa, are to arrive at the airport at least 2-3 hours before your estimated plane departure time. Then, consider the local traffic to and from the airport and the congestion in the airport’s terminal and parking areas. It can be a daunting experience for even the most experienced traveler. Missing a flight is not an option. Airport parking rates for long-term and short-term parking are no deal either. It can get very confusing with no flat rates and “by the minute” charges. Did you park in Deck A or C? Where’s the parking receipt? Then the traveler returns to Atlanta, redeems from vacation or business trip, and the jet-lagged, tired, and very unfamiliar passenger fights local traffic leaving the airport. This scenario can be hazardous. Driving while drowsy is a leading cause of auto accidents. Why take the risk? The answer to these worrying questions is hiring Earthtran Global Limousine for your Atlanta airport transportation.

Welcome to Earthtran Global Limousine, Atlanta’s leading private transportation provider. Earthtran Global Limousine has been in the business for over 20 years, creating a new meaning to “transportation.” We have set a new standard of excellence in providing the utmost reliable, safe, and quality transportation service, and our clients have come to depend on us for all of their transportation needs. Earthtran Global Limousine has developed a large and diverse client base, including transportation to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and various hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and corporations in Atlanta. As an Atlanta airport transportation provider, Earthtran Global Limousine understands the importance of getting to the airport on time and stress-free. This is where we come into play.

1.1. About Earthtran Global Limousine

Many consumers are often disappointed by the level of service or lack of professionalism with vendors in this industry. We pride ourselves on being the exception to this unfortunate rule. At EarthTran Global, we believe in consistently providing the professional service and personal dedication that our customers expect and, more often than not, have not received from this industry.

We cater to busy professionals and corporate events, with MSP airport car service and limo transportation available for a wide variety of needs, including:
– Executive Car Service
– Point-to-Point
– Group Shuttles
– Meetings & Events
Airport Transfers
– Charters
– Weddings & Special Occasions

EarthTran Global Limousine is a chauffeured ground Atlanta airport transportation service company specializing in servicing the corporate world. Our staff has many years of experience in the ground transportation industry; we know what it takes to get you from your point of origin to your destination point in a friendly, safe, and timely manner.

1.2. Importance of Reliable Airport Transportation

Another advantage of Atlanta airport transportation service is availability and reach. There are various modes of transportation that one can choose to serve this purpose. If he is accustomed to public transport, he can have it pre-booked for the desired days. If he wishes to have personal space while commuting, a taxi or a town car can also be hired on the spot. In the second-age scenario, it is far more viable and accessible. A newly arrived passenger can now have a lavish and comfortable car waiting outside the airport and inquiring about him. Then, with the taxi services being too pricey and sharing the vehicle with strangers not being a good idea, town car and taxi services are much more reliable and available at a little more than the usual cab. Then something very up to the executive class and a little higher in status is a limousine. Car services and limousines are comfortable, available, and possible to pre-book. This gives a lot of ease to executives who desire to have a vehicle ready and do not have to wait for their arrival. Many companies have partnerships with transportation companies, and the tickets are provided along with a tour package. All these services are especially important for a person new to the city and free the minds of those on a tight schedule with the assurance of transportation being available.

A reliable airport transportation service is a boon for the corporate executive on the move. First and foremost, Atlanta airport transportation services provide a means for executives to avoid the hectic traffic in and around the airport. Traffic can significantly cause stress when coming or going from the airport, which executives would rather avoid. By hiring a company to transport them to the airport, a car or a limousine will pick them up and drop them off at their gate, allowing them to avoid the long walk hauling luggage from the parking to the terminal. Similarly, when arriving in the city, the last thing a business traveler wants is to stand in line waiting for a taxi.

Atlanta is a central business hub with offices for 25 Fortune 1000 companies and thousands of other businesses. It offers a heavy belt of executive traffic. A significant contribution to the metro Atlanta economy comes from the 51.5 million visitors annually. They visit business and convention spending, international trade, and air transportation annually. However, much of the revenue generated from business travelers is determined by the convenience and ease with which they can move about the city. One very crucial and often overlooked part of business travel is efficient air transportation. For this reason, executives traveling to and from Atlanta need a dependable mode of transportation to and from the airport.

2. Services Offered

Shared-ride van service: This is our most economically friendly option with a cost based on per passenger. The shared-ride service is a door-to-door service except for those staying at the airport (they will be dropped off at their departure terminal). The shared-ride option does take a little longer than other services due to various stops along the way for other passengers (similar to a shuttle service). There is a $40 minimum charge on all reservations. Pricing is $16.50 one-way/$33.00 round trip for one (1) passenger. Pricing is $10.00 one-way/$20.00 round trip for each additional passenger. Travel time can be up to 90 minutes from the airport, and this service operates seven (7) days a week. This is a reservation-only service. At this time, we do not accommodate walk-up passengers for this service. We do not offer discounts to frequent travelers.

The ExecuCar service is available seven days a week for individuals who require a private sedan or SUV for transportation to and from the airport. This service ensures a direct route to the airport without any stops along the way. Please note that all reservations have a minimum charge of $55. The rate for a sedan is $56.00 for one-way travel, while the SUV can comfortably accommodate up to six passengers and has a rate of $75.00 for one-way travel. It is essential to know that pricing may vary depending on the reservation date and is subject to a surcharge. The travel time typically ranges from 30 to 45 minutes, and it is essential to make a reservation in advance as this service does not accept walk-up passengers. 

Atlanta Airport Transportation Services is not exclusive to the airport. We offer ground transportation services to the following: Residential Communities, Bus Stations, Cemeteries, Churches, Convention Centers, Hotels, Medical Centers, Schools, and Businesses. If your area of interest is not listed, please get in touch with our Customer Service Center using the contact information section for further inquiry.

2.1. Airport Transfers

Arranging transport to and from the airport can be easy when reserving a trip with Atlanta Airport Transportation Services. There are several choices to make when looking at forms of transportation. The various trips available include airport transfers and a service provided for passengers with disabilities.

All passengers want to get to their departure airport or arrival destination as comfortably and efficiently as possible. To aid this vision, our door-to-door airport transfer service is provided. We appreciate your reservation of the most reliable airport transfer form, our meet and greet airport transfer service for those passengers after long-haul or domestic flights. This service has the advantage of having your driver meet you inside the airport to assist you with your luggage and direct you to your awaiting transfer. This is also highly beneficial for those returning to their home after a period abroad. Luggage can be very heavy, and it is a relief to know your driver will be there to meet you and help you every step of the way.

2.2. Corporate Transportation

There are a lot of different transportation needs for executive-level travel in and around the city of Atlanta. Whether your executive travels to meetings at one of the central hotels downtown, needs a ride to their home in Buckhead, or a pickup at Concourse E of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, we will have a luxury sedan to accommodate their travel needs. Many executives prefer the convenience and professionalism of their private car and driver. We understand the unique needs of our executive clients and are experienced at providing a professional service that respects their privacy and accommodates their sometimes hectic schedules. We are also experienced in providing transportation for small groups for meetings and events. The detriment of coordinating and parking multiple vehicles for a small group of travelers can outweigh the convenience. Let our drivers pick your group up and transport you in a luxury SUV, van, or mini-bus to your destination without parking hassles or coordination headaches. Suppose you are an executive assistant searching for transportation for your company’s management team or a travel planner coordinating an event. In that case, we can streamline transportation security for your group. It requires ongoing transportation service for an executive in town for a series of meetings or has recently relocated to the Atlanta area. We can arrange a corporate account for a simple and efficient billing process. With a corporate account, we can provide the same excellent transportation services with a monthly bill for all services provided. This can be incredibly convenient for executive services such as travel to and from the airport, which is often reserved and paid for by the client and reimbursed later.

2.3. Special Occasion Transportation

Have a special family occasion or perhaps a date with your loved one? Why not make it more unique and impress them by taking him/her for a limo ride or to a fine dining restaurant? Why bother driving in circles for a parking spot or fear getting a DUI? Why not enjoy your time and money? You can relax and travel in style with our transportation service.

We offer special transportation services using our luxury cars for special family occasions such as anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and other special events. Just tell us the event and leave the rest to us. Our professional chauffeurs will ensure you arrive on time safely and enjoy every moment. A limo ride is an excellent gift for your children graduating from college. It will give them a feeling of luxury and a taste of success at an affordable rate. Furthermore, it’s a great alternative to driving their car and the risk of getting into a car accident after celebrating. We promise to do our best to make your special occasion memorable.

Our chauffeurs can wait on call for any set period and location, which is excellent for a night out at a fine-dining restaurant. Imagine surprising your loved one by taking them to an exquisite restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere only to have our professional chauffeur hold the door open for her and take her by the arm as if he were escorting a queen. A simple dinner can be a night to remember, and before a happy ending, our chauffeurs will be there waiting to take you back home. Our honest and reliable service will ensure you get through the night safe and sound.

3. Benefits of Choosing Earthtran Global Limousine

EarthTran Global Limousine is a professional service that provides airport transportation and corporate limousine services for business, individual, and family travelers. Here are some of the benefits of choosing our services:

– Professional Service Our services provide travelers with professional and dependable airport transportation services. Airport travelers can book their reservations online on our website. One of our customer service representatives will contact the traveler to verify booking information. On the date of the travelers’ departure or arrival, limousine drivers will be at the airport or the travelers’ pick-up location at least 15 minutes in advance. This will ensure that the travelers know our services are prompt and that we will not miss their reservation. With online reservation and verification, our travelers cannot lose a reservation. Our customer service representative will give a confirmation number and receipt for booking verification.

– Clean and Safe Environment-Friendly Vehicles Global Electric Motorcars, or GEM cars, are powered by our business. Our airport transportation is provided by an environmentally friendly vehicle, eliminating our travelers’ chance of breathing in pollution from gasoline-powered cars. The environmentally friendly vehicle will have the old-fashioned shuttle travelers use when arriving at the airport. GEM car is a globalized product used in resorts, communities, and military base transportation. This will show travelers that we care about our environment and provide them with clean and safe transportation. For airport shuttle, a GEM car will take travelers to their flight and park and charge until the travelers return from their trip. This way, travelers will not have to worry about finding an airport shuttle after their trip, and it will also eliminate the travelers’ long walk from their flight to the airport shuttle. GEM car will have the same rate as the airport shuttle and taxi. When travelers book a reservation, our customer service representative will provide a description and picture of the GEM car for travelers’ information. GEM car comes in 2, 4, and 6-passenger vehicles, and their prices are equivalent to taxi rates. Step into the future of transportation with our environmentally friendly vehicle and book a reservation with us.

3.1. Professional and Experienced Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are carefully chosen for their excellent driving skills and knowledge of the Atlanta area. They are skilled professionals – courteous, always on time, and dependable. In addition to passing a comprehensive background check, our chauffeurs must complete a formal training program covering local geography, driver safety, customer service, and company policies. Our chauffeurs understand their responsibility to provide more than a safe and comfortable ride but also to demonstrate the high-quality customer service our clients are accustomed to. Step into formal black sedan service where the driver opens your door and greets you, or receive help with your bag and a warm send-off to the airport. You’ll quickly realize that our staff takes pride in what they do – and that is to assist in your transportation needs in any way possible. From great conversation to quiet attention, you’ll experience the professionalism of a chauffeur specifically trained to cater to your personality. We have a team of chauffeurs explicitly dedicated to our airport transportation services. Therefore, they are familiar with the complexity of the Atlanta airport layout, the nature of air travel, and the needs of customers heading to or coming from the airport. This collective experience is a unique advantage to our clients, particularly those with disabilities or unusual itineraries. All chauffeurs are direct employees and drive company-owned vehicles. We never use independent contractors or “owner/operators,” all chauffeurs are subjected to ongoing performance reviews. A great chauffeur is the secret to a great ride, and at Atlanta Airport Transportation Services, we know the value of our very best to you.

3.2. Luxurious and Well-Maintained Vehicles

One of the biggest reasons for the ever-increasing significance of transport services is the busy schedule of almost everyone. Now, people have become so sped up that they have started feeling that they can utilize that time much better instead of wasting time on driving. The increase in demand has also escalated the competition, which has improved the service.

We offer one of the best Atlanta airport transportation services. You can avail of these services through many options, i.e., getting a taxi, renting a car, hiring a shuttle, or having a limousine. A limo is one of the most luxurious and extravagant ways of transport. It is known for its luxury, comfort, and excellent service, which it continues to provide its clients. This car is always in great demand for its maintained and stylistic look. Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, you will always like to taste this royal service. These cars are also a status symbol for many of the executives who do not own one, and it is also the best option for the tourists who are coming to the city and want to explore the city in a very relaxed and comfortable way. These limos are driven by highly trained chauffeurs who are fit for this job. You will get a significant amount of information about the city. If you need any information, whether it’s a restaurant to dine in, the best places to visit, or anything you want to know about the city, you have to ask the chauffeur, and he will be pleased to help you in any way. With our limos, you get the best-ever experience of transport service with that royal touch.

We all have a list of favorite places we want to visit and a comfort level we want during our traveling time. Sometimes, the place is so good, but the long, tiring journey keeps us away from that place. The traveling service is often very good, but the destination is not up to our expectations. Now, most of you will think about how travel affects the destination. But trust me, it affects me a lot. Suppose your journey is long, tiring, and uncomfortable, and finally, you reach the place, and you are worn out. Will you be able to enjoy the place to the fullest? The answer is no. The same is the case with the service. Suppose you are stepping out of your house and relaxing, but the service is so rushy and uncomfortable that you get irritated, and when you reach the destination, your mood is off. Would you prefer that again? Obviously no. A similar situation happens when a person with excellent taste reaches a good place with service below his expectations. He will repel back. Now, with our services, you will get the best experience of both the journey and the destination.

3.3. Punctuality and Reliability

Our chauffeurs are committed to getting you to the airport promptly. Never too early or too late, our drivers will take you to your gate 15 minutes ahead so you can get through security and relax without feeling rushed. They know all the traffic patterns in the Atlanta area and will be sure to take you on the shortest route to the airport. They will know the times of your flight and what time to pick you up, all from the booking information you provide. Our drivers are also very communicative, informing you of any road closures or construction work that may affect your travel time to the airport and giving you alternate solutions. Hence, you are sure to arrive on time. With a flight return, our drivers will be waiting for you as you leave your terminal, returning you home with one less thing to worry about. While punctuality is a great skill, being reliable is a necessity. When booking with us, you hire a service that consistently delivers. We give you peace knowing that we will be there when you need our service. There is no chance of being stranded without a ride to the airport; our drivers will always confirm and reconfirm booking information so you are not let down. If, by some act of nature, a driver is unable to fulfill a booking, we will go out of our way to find you a replacement driver. This has only been a minor issue as our robust team is dedicated to their job. A job in which they strive to provide the utmost customer satisfaction.

3.4. Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing: Price can be an essential factor in consumer decision-making in a market where companies offer the same product. In the case of Atlanta Transportation Services, this holds clear. Major airlines often offer discounts and offers to compete with their passengers. All these passengers must decide which mode of transport to take to and from the airport. While many will drive and park, others choose a more convenient method. This is where the competition is most vital.

It is known that taxi services are overpriced. Sometimes, a taxi ride can cost more than the flight itself. For this reason, many passengers have been using shared-ride shuttle services and MARTA to avoid spending too much on ground transportation. While these methods are cheaper, many are less desirable. Frequently, shuttle services are behind schedule, and waiting for an on-campus MARTA train can be time-consuming.

By pricing our services to be competitive with other modes of transportation to the airport, we believe that we can entice more passengers to desire our services. Our rates are an estimate of taxi fares and are much less expensive than executive car services. Keep in mind that our service is direct. You won’t have to worry about frequent stops like you would in a shuttle, and we will drop you off right in front of your designated terminal. Your chauffeur will also be glad to assist you with your luggage. Considering these factors, we can confidently say that our services will be most effective cost-wise for families and those traveling in groups.

Book EarthTran Global Limousine for Your Atlanta Airport Transportation

Since 2003, EarthTran Global Limousine has been Atlanta’s premier transportation provider. From shuttle bus services for group transportation to limousines and luxury cars for residents in and around Atlanta, Georgia,  our chauffeured transportation company is proud to be one of the top-rated limousine companies in the area. Our services include airport transportation, corporate transportation, wedding transportation, and special event transportation. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or to book online.